Shipping policy

Shipping rates

On this page you’ll find information about shipping costs, delivery speed and your order status. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us an e-mail at or chat with us using the live chat in the bottom right corner.

You can find your shipping rates for your items at the bottom of the checkout page. You’ll only have to fill in your country and ZIP to see the shipping costs for your order.

How long will shipping take?

We ship from the Czech Republic and use Packeta to ship most of our orders, which in turn uses a few different shipping companies to get the package to you in your home country. It should not take longer than a week to ship to all countries in the EU, however Packeta says that most packages should come within 2-4 days.

Shipping may take longer if your package gets held by your local customs authority, which generally shouldn’t happen within the EU.

The shipping times listed here are estimates. No rights can be derived from the information on this page.

As we are quite a small company, it can happen that we cannot, at times, ship packages, for example due to a sickness and/or other reasons. We will try to notify you on the site in case of such event.

In stock items

We try to ship in stock items within three work days. If the order includes an item that requires a build, “in stock” in such a case means that we have the parts to assemble it, which might take up to two weeks, but generally will be fullfilled much quicker. Talk to us in the chat in the bottom right if you are in a rush for your order and we will see if something can be done to speed the process up for you.

Preorder items

Your items will be shipped once all items in your order are in stock.

If you would like preorder items to ship independently from in-stock items, please consider placing a seperate order for the preorder item. If you get confused by this or need some help with sorting your orders out, chat with us in the right bottom corner or send us an e-mail at

Order Status

When your order has shipped, you will always receive a status notification by email. Currently we use Packeta for all of our shipping needs, which offers tracking for all packages. The tracking number will be sent to you by e-mail as well.

If you haven’t received a status notification yet but do think you should’ve gotten one, please mail or use the chat button in the bottom right of this page and we’ll check the status of your order.