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Say hello to your new keyboard!

The Cantor keyboard is a fully-assembled, low profile keyboard that provides more keys in a simple, minimal package. Due to it’s programmability, it’s able to provide you with the an experience of a full-sized keyboard in a compact, lightweight 42-key design. Get all the benefits of an ergonomic, programmable keyboard without having to solder a single component by yourself!

What’s included

  • 2x Cantor Keyboard PCB (one of each half)
  • 42x Choc switches of your choice
  • 2x Black Pill STM32 ARM Controller
  • 2x TRRS jack sockets
  • 2x Hot-swap sockets and pins for the microcontrollers
  • 10x rubber feet
  • Build work

What’s not included

  • Keycaps
    • As keycaps are very personal, please feel free to choose from our keycaps offering here. If you need help, drop us a message in the chat in the bottom right corner or drop by on our Discord, we will be happy to help!
  • Cables
    • Cables for the keyboard are NOT included by default. You will need two cables; one to connect the two keyboard halves together (called the TRRS) and another one that will go from one of the keyboard halves to the computer (a USB-C to USB-A). Various cables coming to the store soon! 🙂


All keyboards have the microcontrollers socketed using hot-swap sockets, which means that in case of any breakage, we will be able to to provide you with a fully assembled hot swap replacement.

P.S. A nicer picture is coming soon


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