Ferris Sweep v2.1

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Say hello to your new keyboard!

The Ferris Sweep is a fully-assembled, low profile keyboard that provides unmatched comfort and portability. Due to it’s programmability, it’s able to provide you with the an experience of a full-sized keyboard in a compact and lightweight 34-key package. Get all the benefits of an ergonomic, programmable keyboard without having to solder a single component by yourself!

What’s included

  • 2x Ferris Sweep PCB (one of each half)
  • 34x Choc switches of your choice
  • 2x microcontroller (and optionally a battery) of your choice, wired with Pro-Micro or wireless with the nice!nano
  • 2x TRRS jack sockets
  • 2x reset switches
  • 10x rubber feet
  • 2x Hot-swap sockets and pins for the microcontrollers
  • Build work

What’s not included

  • Keycaps
    • As keycaps are very personal, please feel free to choose from our keycaps offering here. If you need help, drop us a message in the chat in the bottom right corner or drop by on our Discord, we will be happy to help!
  • Cables
    • Cables for the keyboard are NOT included by default. You will need two cables; one to connect the two keyboard halves together (called the TRRS) and another one that will go from one of the keyboard halves to the computer (typically Micro-USB or USB-C to USB). Various cables coming to the store soon! 🙂


All keyboards have the microcontrollers socketed using hot-swap sockets, which means that in case of any breakage, we will be able to to provide you with a fully assembled hot swap replacement.

Design note

There is a small difference between the version of the PCB that we sell compared to the upstream github version, which is that the crab design is removed. Functionaly, they work the same. Before we manage to get a better picture detailing this in a full build here, you can check how this looks in our kit offering here

3 reviews for Ferris Sweep v2.1

  1. David Gardner

    Robin from Qweebs has been massively helpful. I didn’t know where to start with getting an ergo split keyboard to help with my RSI issues. He helped me decide on this Ferriss Sweep with light weight gchoc switches, and gave me lots of info on best keyboard layouts, how best to learn the layout he suggested (Miryoku) etc. He obviously knows his stuff, and the keyboard he built for me has come out great! Can’t wait to get it and start using it.

    • Robin | qweebs.com

      Thanks a lot for the comment, I appreciate it. I hope the board will serve you well for years to come!

  2. S (verified owner)

    I, too, was struggling with RSI. Buying this has helped with the issues I’ve been having. My only concern now is that the board could potentially have been a little bigger for my large hands, but I still use this as my daily driver, with little if any discomfort.

    I was initially a bit concerned that the gchoc switches were too light, but after a few weeks of use I can no longer understand how other switches are so popular. These are satisfying to type on, and I need not take care not to bottom out, since the travel is so short. I find that accidental keystrokes only very rarely happen. I was a Cherry MX brown enthusiast who now finds those almost herculean to press, by comparison.

    The keyboard itself came with all the caps already mounted and ready to go. I unfortunately experienced strange issues with the firmware. I asked Robin for help via Discord, and with his own help and him pointing me in the direction of other resources, I was able to “factory reset” and use the keyboard as intended. This appears to have been due to quirk in the ZMK firmware, Robin tests his boards before shipping them. The customer service experience is commendable.

    The build quality is solid, I do not feel a need to exercise particular caution when handling them. The soldering appears tidy to my amateur eyes.

    Seeing the people struggle in other discord servers when it comes to assembling their own, it makes no sense for someone who primarily wants a good keyboard to accept the risks and put the time in to make their own when a professional like Robin can put it together for a fair price.

    • Robin | qweebs.com

      I really appreciate that you took the time to write this information down, and it’s great that the keyboard has helped you with the pain you were having.

      Best regards!

  3. Damoon Rashidi (verified owner)

    10/10 build job! I ordered a prebuilt wireless Sweep around two weeks ago and and received it yesterday after two days of mail carrier delays. I chose the linear red 35g switches that feel great.

    The board worked out of the box with no issues. Just switched it on, connected to my m1 macbook via bluetooth and I was off to keybr to learn Colemak DH which the board came preloaded with.

    I got timely updates via the discord server about how the build was progressing and when it was ready to ship via the #announcement channel, which was nice as well. All in all zero issues, great support and very well built product.

    • Robin | qweebs.com

      Thank you for the kind words and your order, Damoon!

      I hope the keyboard will serve you for years to come.

      All the best,

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