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This is a kit of the Cantor Keyboard ready to be assembled into your own keyboard! The Cantor with 42 keys features a layout similar to the Corne keyboard, with a slightly more aggressive column stagger.

Each kit comes with the following items:

  • 2x Cantor Keyboard PCB (one for each side)
  • 2x TRRS jacks
  • 10 rubber feet (5 per side – for black boards black, for white ones transparent)

To assemble the full keyboard, you will need:

Other things we highly recommend you to add:

1 review for Cantor Keyboard kit

  1. Benjamin Schwehn (verified owner)

    I got this keyboard as a backup and to test both low-travel switches and stronger pinkie stagger.
    Putting it together is really simple, everything fits well into the PCB and soldering is well doable even if you are not experienced.

    My verdict after a few days of using it:
    – the stagger works really well for me
    – the location of the thumb keys works really well also
    – I enjoy the low travel switches more than I expected to. In fact, I just per-ordered a second one with the Sunset switches.
    – while I only use 32 keys for normal typing, I still find having a 6th column useful in some less common circumstances and I like having 6 thumb keys total.
    I’m quite happy with it.

    Shipping to Germany took less than a week. Robin was a pleasure to communicate with as well.

    • Robin |

      Thanks for the thorough review Benjamin, I am happy that you are enjoying the keyboard 🙂

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