What is a “switch” and how to choose one?

The switch is the part of the keyboard that allows you type a character.

Mechanical switches differ based on the characteristics of the feel and the sound of pressing each switch. Some switches are louder than others, some require less force to press than others, others give you a tactile feedback when the switch goes beyond it’s actuation force.

Here is a great place to compare all of the different mechanical switches available. The switches that are available for the Ferris Sweep can be compared using the “choc” keyword, but feel free to explore the world of switches in it’s fullness!

Why don’t you support PayPal for payments?

We currently don’t support PayPal for payments, and we might not support it in the future, either. There are quite a few reasons for this, out of which these are the most notable:

  • PayPal, for what it provides, charges ridiculous amounts of money in fees – 0,39 EUR per transaction + 3,49% (source). By comparison, Stripe charges flat 0,26 EUR per card transaction + 1,4% (source), and even less for other payments methods such as direct debit.
    With an average customer spend of 120 EUR on our website, this means that the PayPal fee would be ~4.58 EUR, whereas the Stripe fee is ~1.94 EUR, making Stripe around 60% cheaper than PayPal.
  • Stripe provides multiple payment methods, from special purpose cards, to direct debit (Wire transfer), to standard debit and credit cards. In this way, we could call such infrastructure interoperable. This is quite the opposite of what PayPal provides, which is essentially a vendor-lock into it’s own infrastructure.
  • Debit and credit card security
    • Our server doesn’t process or store your debit, credit card, or any other payment information thanks to StripeJS. We always use an up-to-date, official Stripe plugin to handle the security of the payments for us.

If you still feel uncomfortable checking out and have any additional questions, we will be happy to provide an answer to any of them at or on the Discord channel.

Why would I need a programmable keyboard?

What does one actually need? Seriously though… If you are here, you probably already care about your keyboard (and your hands and arms) more than the average person.

Imagine having the ability to make the keyboard do exactly what you want it to do. Imagining already? Enter QMK, which let’s you do exactly just that. Or just take what the community has already created with it’s power.

Some interesting keymaps made with QMK are the Miryoku and the Callum. And don’t worry, it’s easy to change the weird layouts that these use for the standard QWERTY, while keeping the original design goals intact.

Why are you giving away the Holo keycaps?

Unfortunately, the MBK Holo keycaps have some issues that I didn’t anticipate. They don’t always fit quite right (can be fixed with a blade against the keycap stem), and they have sometimes they have some non-ideal finish (small pieces of glue-ish material here and there, can be cleaned but is time consuming)

Instead of selling them, I decided to give them away for free, as they don’t really quite match the quality I am going for with my products, and maybe they will work for a spare keyboard of someone 🙂

This promo will run until the stock is cleared.

Who are we?

Thanks for asking! We are a boy + girl operation working from the Czech Republic. Soon we hope to introduce ourselves in greater depth 🙂 In the meantime, feel free to read the boy’s blog at or check out the girl’s website.