VAT? What’s going on?

Default and final VAT

By default, we use the VAT of our origin country (Czech Republic), which is 21%.

This is mostly due to the fact that it’s technically difficult to use geolocation to get the tax rate from you automatically, cache this properly and so on, not even speaking about the fact that it’s not nice to grab your location and send it to a third-party for location evaluation.

If you would like to know the final price including the correct VAT quickly, you have two options:

  1. Create an account with us on the account page, and under edit address fill out your address. This naturally doesn’t cost anything, and will let you comfortably shop multiple times, as we will be able to re-use your shipping and billing details. After you do this, the VAT for your country should be calculated correctly for all of the products in the catalog.
  2. Add any item into the cart, select checkout, and fill out the country that you are from there. This should also change the VAT everywhere on the site to your actual VAT